Shane Mulgrew was all set to be a professional footballer. Then life took a different turn. What he did to be successful through change is a lesson for all of us when things don’t go the way we want. Key Take Aways Become aware of key areas of your life. Limit distractions and negative influences. […]


September 14, 2022

Habits for when you experience a setback.

habits for when you have a setback

Dr Marni Hill Foderaro shares a habit she used to get through the most difficult time in her life. And how you can make it an easier part of your day too! Key Take Aways We overcome difficulty and challenge through gratitude. Gratitude gets easier the more you practice it. There are small easy ways […]


September 7, 2022

Habits for when life gets difficult

Noah Koff shares a common habit that he sees with many of his successful business leaders. Key Take Aways Get some time in nature Spend that time in a calm and peaceful state (that probably means no media) Use the time to think about the key focus on the key actions you need to take. […]


August 29, 2022

The common habit of successful people with Noah Koff

Two quotes I love from recent podcast interviews: “Success is not a game won by those who do the most but by those that focus on the least.” –Mia Hewett “In a world of human doings, we have forgotten we are human beings.” –Kelly Keefe You will increase your happiness in life if you start […]


August 4, 2022

The Happiness Habit of doing less

If you are having a tough day, this podcast episode is for you! Podcaster and finance coach Travis Shelton shared that there are research indicates there are 3 key ways to find true happiness and satisfaction in life. Work that matters Meaningful relationships And #3 is the kicker. It is the thing that Travis said […]


July 25, 2022

The fastest habit to feeling happy

Recently on my podcast I talked with nutritionist Amy White (full episode here). She brought up a common experience that so many of us have with habits. You start and are fully motivated! You even employ the 3 Success Keys to Habits: You start small You make it easy You celebrate small wins Yes! You […]


July 11, 2022

When habit aren’t working

How do you get kids to implement positive habits? It all starts with how they see themselves and how they see the world around them. That is where we can start as parents to have an impact. I asked Scott Feld, the owner of Minds Zen Motion, a leading voice in teaching youth about habits […]


June 27, 2022

How do we help our kids develop good habits?

My life is the sum total of every decision I have ever made. When something isn’t what I want it to be, my decisions are at the heart of that situation. And most importantly, my habits can start to get me out of it. In short, everything is your fault! And that is a good […]


June 21, 2022

Everything is your fault, and that is a good thing!

Pivot? Change? Upheaval? Any of those words sound familiar? We have all been though about a dozen “pivots” in the last few years. And, if you are like me, you had Plan A for your life when you were in your 20’s and by now, you are on about Plan Q! Life changes, things change, […]


June 10, 2022

Pivot? Here are the habits of successful change

You know when you hear stories of people where something amazing or tragic happens and BOOM, all of a sudden, everything in their life changes! They were in darkness and now they’re in light! I love to hear those inspirational stories! But, for me, it was nothing like that. For me, (and I’m guessing it’s […]


March 30, 2022

Life can feel like a sunrise, here’s how!

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