One of the most humbling experiences that I have every week is a notification that I get from my phone that tells me how many minutes of screen time I have had that week. I usually get it on Sunday morning and I always dread it! It will say, “Your average screen time is up […]


January 11, 2022

What is you E-v-E? It’s one key to happiness!

In the musical, Wicked, Glinda reminds us that knowledge doesn’t matter, the only that matters is if you are popular. As she put it,: “think of Celebrated heads of state Or ‘specially great communicators Did they have brains or knowledge? Don’t make me laugh! They were popular! Please, it’s all about popular! It’s not about […]


November 23, 2021

3 consistent steps to learning every day, even if Glinda disagrees!

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