I woke up so many mornings just feeling like crap! Then I would have a crappy morning and then I’d have a crappy day and then I would go to bed feeling like crap. Have you ever had days or weeks or months like that? I finally decided it was time to change! I started […]


March 23, 2022

From crappy mornings to captain of my soul mornings!

At 42 years old I was playing basketball. I tried to make a move I used to be able to make (in my 20’s). At the end of the spin move, I found myself on the ground clutching my knee. Luckily it wasn’t a terrible injury. Enough to scare me and remind me it was […]


March 17, 2022

Better health habits. An injury got me thinking of how to do better.

How do we build our belief in ourselves? What we believe dictates our action. If you believe you will get more fit from working out (and if you believe that matters) you are more likely to work out. But, even if you believe that working out would help someone else, if you don’t believe you […]


March 11, 2022

3 action items to build belief in yourself

This week I did an outstanding interview with Terry Tucker. (You can find more about him here). His story is one of pain, overcoming, and inspiration. I’m including a bit of our conversation here. You can see video clips of our interview on YouTube or listen to the whole thing on the podcast. I started […]


February 18, 2022

Habits to be positive when life isn’t

In an article for advances in economics and business management role, Rahul Eragula stated the following conclusion as it relates to leadership, greatness, and humility: “Greatness is measured by how much authority you receive from people. But we are really great if we humble ourselves to do what’s best for others, instead of doing what […]


February 9, 2022

If you want greatness, humility will get you there. These 3 habits will increase your humility.

I was recently reading an amazing study, 40,000 American adults in this study from the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Journal from researchers at the Cooper Institute in Dallas. They did a study on exercise and it’s so amazing. They studied exercise habits and how fit these 40,000 people were. How often they […]


February 2, 2022

Does doing good lead to doing less good?

This week, I had a really fun opportunity to go teach about habits to 9th graders at my local high school, it was so fun! I loved every minute! What was most fascinating was talking with these 9th graders about the types of habits that we should try to develop. It’s not surprising that the […]


January 25, 2022

The right size for New Year’s habits.

One of the most humbling experiences that I have every week is a notification that I get from my phone that tells me how many minutes of screen time I have had that week. I usually get it on Sunday morning and I always dread it! It will say, “Your average screen time is up […]


January 11, 2022

What is you E-v-E? It’s one key to happiness!

I almost died recently in a horse-riding accident! Ok, I didn’t almost die. But I was as freaked out as I have been in a long time! And the whole thing taught me a whole lot about habits. Let me quickly share with you how I ended up on a horse in the first place, […]


January 6, 2022

Almost dying on a horse taught me important ideas about habits.

At one point or another all of us have felt stuck. Part of life is getting into and out of these moments of “stuckedness.” You might be feeling like you are in a moment of “stuckedness” right now. Or as the U2 song says, “stuck in a moment, and you can’t get out of it.” […]


January 4, 2022

The simple habit for when you feel stuck

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